Orchard Road Shopping Centres Muse Newton Condo

Orchard road is a 2.2-kilometer long highway. It is the entertainment trade center in Singapore. It is popular for tourism. It surrounds by Newton in the east and north side. Tangling situates in the west side of Orchard road. You will find River Valley in the south of this road and also find Museum in the southeast area. It is a section of the Middle Area which located in the Central Region. Muse @ Newton Orchard is a new development near to Orchard Road by Amara Holdings. It is a freehold condo located right in the heart of the city.

Orchard Road Core City Shopping Centres

The name of Orchard Road comes from the papaya, horseradish, and the fruit of the orchard. In the 19th century, this area was popular for plantations. Some sources tell that this name came from the name of Mr. Orchard. Mr. Orchard was a gardener and owner of the farmstead. His farmstead located at the corner of Scott Road and Orchard Road.

This area is also called Tang Leng Pa Sat Koi or Tangling Market Street by Chinese Singaporeans. It is also calling Vaira Kimadam or Fakir’s place by the Tamil people in Singapore. For the hilly terrain area’s it also called Muttu Than (High Ground).

Of course, if you like having family holidays, this would be the perfect place for you and your entire family where you can balance between personal and professional life with all convenience and comfort. This is one of the best things about the development. Who doesn’t want to stay in a location where you get different luxurious amenities? Besides these things, there are also the lot of schools nearby such as the Anglo Chinese School, the Singapore Chinese Girl’s School, and the Saint Joseph Institution.

Orchard Road Muse @ Newton

This roads origin had been changing since the 1850s. People were starting to move in the hawker centers. It also became popular for drizzling market, graveyard, and temples. It was also becoming popular for an open-air washing basin.

Orchard Road Popular Shopping Centre

Today the Orchard Road is a very busy road. It surrounds by the iconic shopping malls, cafeteria, and hotels. In that day it is known to the world for entertainment, chokes back, and dining. It is convenient for your taste and budget. Orchard Road has fast fashion and upscale restaurants. It also has art galleries, so it is a favorite place for designers. You will find everything in the shopping malls of this road. Here has apparel, electronic items; local and international fashion labels wears.

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