Newton Food Centre Beside Muse @ Newton Freehold Condo

It is a food centre in Singapore and it was promoted by Singapore Tourism board itself as a tourist attraction. Newton food centre was opened in 1971 and was closed to revamped by the government. And after three months of the renovation process, it re-opened in 2006. If we talk about the hawker centre, well it returned to business last week and now serves in more spacious aisles with new tables and chairs. Muse @ Newton Food Centre is located near to Newton MRT Station. The developer for the project is Amara Holdings. It is a freehold development.

Muse @ Newton is among the best in the city. Not only does it provides real estate opportunity, but also it provides a housing option for people who are coming to Singapore from abroad for high-profile careers and development opportunities. Muse @ Newton has become the hottest provider for European exports in Singapore especially because of its fabulous location which is close to Novena and Newton MRT Station at 29 Newton Road in 11th district of Singapore

Newton Food Centre at Newton MRT Station

Newton food centre also offers indoor lighting (mainly LED lightings ). Most of the stall owners are some old but a few hawkers have raised their prices also some vendors are happier with the renovation.

There were about 30 stalls open on Tuesday at lunchtime. Here are some of the most famous and delicious food items that we can get to eat on any good day:-

Newton Food Centre Beside Muse @ Newton

These are suggested food items that are most famous based on people’s choice. People who work nearby the Newton food centre has been coming to the food centre almost every day since the first time they came. Some of the other famous dishes are “kway chap” and “HokkienMee”. People find seats here easily during lunchtime because it is big enough for so many people.At a particular point of time, there are as much as 58 stalls which remain open to choose from in Newton food centre.

Newton Food Centre Amenities Near to Muse @ Newton

At last, for those who are new to the food centre, I personally suggest, feel free to order service to any hawker and not just to the one who got you a table to sit and you can just decline them politely. If you love seafood and thinking about ordering it, make sure you watch them weighing it in front of you to avoid any surprise bill. All in all, it is no doubt a nice place to dine in.

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