Amara Sanctuary Resort Amara Holdings Developer for Muse @ Newton

Relax, unwind, and find your own personal peace at the Amara Sanctuary Resort. This resort brings you all the beauty of Singapore, mixed with modern and elegant amenities that will make your vacation memorable. Amara Sanctuary Resort offers high-class experiences for every guest. Guests staying over or visiting for an event will enjoy a large selection of foods, activities, and benefits that only Amara can offer. Amara Sanctuary Resort Developer is Amara Holdings which is the developer for Muse @ Newton at Newton Road near to Newton MRT Station.

For now, it has an area of 30,298 square feet. But soon in 2018, it is expected that there will be an around 55 units in the development. Amara Holding, the company who has developed the construction, bought both the phases one after another – The first at 31 Newton Road and the second phase at 29 Newton Road. Now recently an underway is getting constructed to connect both the phases to Muse at Newton. Due to this reason, the development in Singapore had been booming since last few years.

Amara Sanctuary Resort by Amara Holdings

Outside of the resort, you have quick access to shops, restaurants, beaches, and other popular Sentosa attractions. You have an entire resort island waiting for you to come explore. With packages and special offers available, there is always a good time to book your stay with Amara.

Accommodations range from studios to separate mansions. Each one works with different needs, desires, and budgets, allowing you to find the right fit. The accommodations have their own individual benefits. Whether you want something centrally located, with a private pool, or big enough for your family, Amara’s selection will work for you. Room layouts and options do vary, even within the same types, so you may get something slightly different. No matter what, each room offers unparalleled quality and elegance.

Amara Holdings Developer for Muse @ Newton

Amara Sanctuary Resort offers plenty of amenities to ensure that every guest receives the best possible care. Services include:
· E-Concierge Through Mobile
· Free Wi-Fi
· Restaurant and Bar
· Swimming Pool and Fitness Center
· Spa

The amenities available continue from here. Whether you need your laundry cleaned or you want to use Amara for business purposes, you can have that. The goal of each service is to ensure that you receive the highest quality of care and come away completely satisfied. You will not have to worry about a thing when staying with Amara. The staff here will help you with anything that you need.
Whenever you want food, the restaurant and bar area will have delicious dishes ready for you. Local cuisine and popular foods from across the world are available at the restaurant, prepared by top-level chefs. The bar, too, will have perfectly prepared drinks and dishes available to you.

Amara Sanctuary Resort Located near to Muse @ Newton

Enjoy other areas of Amara while you are here. Going to the spa, shop, and take in the sights around this resort. It is here for comfort, elegance, sophistication, and your satisfaction – and it succeeds in all of this. If you would like, there are activities available for you. A tour, one-on-one training, and Pilates classes are here for all guests.

Amara is available for business and event purposes. There is a conference and event hall, along with a garden area for weddings. You can take advantage of the numerous amenities and the elegant and modern design Amara offers for yourself.

Located in Sentosa, a resort island, you will have access to everything you could want on a vacation. Look around the island, check out restaurants, shop, go to beaches, and enjoy the perfect location. Amara Sanctuary Resort will give you an experience you will remember for years to come. Whatever your reason for coming, you will want to stay forever.

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