Amara Holdings Developer for Muse Newton Condo

Amara Holdings is a highly recognized brand name especially in the hospitality industry. It is a lifestyle group leading in Asia. It is based in Singapore and very well operates in three segments namely;

· Property investment and development

· Hotel investment and management

· Food services and restaurants

The hotel investment and management one is inclusive of

· Amara Singapore

· Amara Sanctuary Resort

· Amara Hotels and Resorts

· Amara Bangkok

· Amara Signature Shanghai

· Amara Resort Sentosa

Amara Holdings Developer for Muse @ Newton

The pioneer among these was Amara Singapore, opening its doors to corporate clients from 1986 and it boasts of serving them in accordance with the vision of the entire Amara Group that is to deliver a unique, beyond the expected experience to their loyal customers or clients. It is the developer for Muse @ Newton and is near to Newton MRT Station.

Muse @ Newton has promised to be one of the biggest sectors in development by 2020. If you want to purchase a real estate here, it would be one of the best location since Muse @ Newton is located near shopping centers such as Velocity, United Square, Novena Square and Newton Food Centre. Also, you will find here a BBQ area, swimming pool, health club, tennis court, children’s playing room, an amphitheatre and playground for kids. Overall you can get almost everything if you are thinking about a classy luxurious life. After all, it is constructed with an intention which is to deliver a perfect, resort-like living lifestyle for you and your partner.

The property investment and development segment is inclusive of

· Investment in residential development

· Investment in retail and office.

The retail podium is managed around the Tanjong Pagar region and is overseen by retail tenants and also by professionals.

The food services and specialty restaurants services include

· Thanying restaurants

· Silk Road restaurants

Note that both of these are found in Amara Singapore. They offer amazing cuisines that are inspired by culture and heritage making them very well recognized in the industry generally.

The Silk Road restaurant mainly gives dishes that are made with inspiration from the Silk Road that is found in China.

The Thanying Restaurant serves Royal Thai dishes.

Alongside these, the company also has some subsidiaries.

Relationship with the Investors and Shareholders

The Amara Group has also managed to retain good relations with their investors by always providing them with truthful information that is essential in the successful running of any business or brand that operates with the help of shareholders. They ensure the analysts and also fund managers get information that is credible within the required time.

Amara Holdings Developer

The Amara group also has a great website beautifully and simply designed to ensure that you get all the information you require about them in a more simplified manner. It also has pictures that will definitely lure you to want to know more about Amara Holdings generally. In case you do not understand a thing or two, then you can contact them via any of the means listed on the contacts page of the group. A phone call, email or even postal means.

Muse @ Newton Amara Group

The Amara Group therefore operates with the aim of becoming the leading lifestyle group through its brands. Brands that actually have value. They also aim at giving pleasant services to the clients which is core in the service industry to ensure they keep the new customers coming and also retain the existing ones.

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